Decoration Decoration

Café and pizzeria „Starpizza“

Come to taste a wide variety of pizzas, salads, soups and even beefsteak fried on hot stone!

Café „Vila skaudvila“

A wonderful environment, a wide selection of lunches of the day, and filling dishes will please everyone looking for a peaceful place to eat.

Restaurant „Skonio džiazas“

A delicious lunch of the day, modern European cuisine and a pleasant environment will let you take a break from work and enjoy the jazz of taste. Food can be eaten at the restaurant or taken away.

Sushi and wine bar „Šaukštelio studija“

In the very centre of Tauragė town, there is a wine bar specialising in the making of sushi and offering a wide range of top-quality Japanese sushi.

Chinese restaurant "Da Feng"

Discover the masterpieces of Chinese cuisine: a variety of soups of different flavours, perfectly cooked duck, beef, pork, and fish with spices brought from China.

„Vero Cafe“

A cup of hot coffee plus a delicious dessert, and a great day is guaranteed! Enjoy high-quality coffee in a cozy café environment or take a cup of a hot drink with you.

Meižis rest area

Wonderful nature and the tranquillity of the Meižiai pond are perfect for a fun picnic and for taking a short break while walking along the surrounding paths.

Geniai Outcrop

An outcrop of impressive height (approximately 24 meters) and length (approximately 160 meters). Outcrops affected by erosion allow seeing spectacular vistas and layers, which show about 200,000 years of history.

Plynoji upland swamp

The Plynoji upland swamp covers an area of 357 hectares. The swamp has a 1.6 km discovery trail, which leads to the middle of the swamp with a plain. The river Alanga flows out of the swamp. There are many rare plants and animals, as well as protected birds. According to legends, once upon a time a manor sank here.

Pagramantis Regional Park

A wooded area with a distinctive feature: an abundance of riffles and suspension bridges that connect riverbanks. Steep slopes have many outcrops and cliffs, while natural meadows are located in the valleys. The valley slopes are covered with hillforts, barrows, and burial grounds, which are witnesses of the past of this land, while local stones and oaks are called giants.

Jūra River Park

The park, which is located near the city, allows studying old Baltic symbols. Visitors of the park can learn about the ancient Lithuanian zodiac and discover what our ancestors meant by these signs.

Valley of Nightingales

An area of the Pagramantis Park, where the discovery trail of the river Akmena begins and ends. In the valley, there is a pond with a small island, a playground with swings, a gazebo, and a small stage. Every year, various cultural events of Tauragė and Šilalė districts take place in the Valley of Nightingales.

Canoeing in Samogitia

There are many water routes and tourist routes around Tauragė. On the banks of rivers surrounded by beautiful nature, there are rest areas; canoers will see spectacular outcrops, river loops, and sky-high hillforts.

Taurai Adventure Park

The adventure park offers six trails of varying difficulty, for visitors of different ages. The length of the trails reaches 4 km. Here, visitors can walk around the 20 ha park free of charge and engage in passive leisure activities, finding a quiet place to take a break. There are decorative bridges, gazebos, and various swings in the park, as well as many sculptures made by local sculptors.

Visitors’ Centre in the Viešvilė Reserve

Visit the territory with the highest protection status and the only capercaillie breeding ground in Lithuania. In the Visitors’ Centre, there is a modern display presenting the treasures of the Karšuva Forest and telling many interesting stories about common and rare species. From the Visitors’ Centre, one can travel to the Artoji upland swamp.

Tauragė Region Museum

The Tauragė Region Museum was founded in 1990. The museum fund consists of more than 20,000 exhibits. The largest exhibits are collections of history and ethnography as well as folk art. Stuffed birds and various replicas were made in the Department of Nature. At the beginning of 2019, modern spaces were opened in the Tauragė Castle, where visitors can view History, Ethnography, and Nature displays, while modern technologies will not let them get bored.

Taurai safari trip

The Taurai Adventure Park invites visitors to try the new safari. The safari route spans the area of Tauragė, while the tour operator says that many visitors who tried the safari are amazed by the beautiful nature seen during the safari.

The House of Torment of Exiles and Political Prisoners of the Tauragė Region Museum

The museum was established in the former NKVD headquarters. There were holding cells in the basement, while interrogations took place on the upper floors. The display tells about exile, prisons, and labour camps, about the life of partisans in the area, and about the suffering of resistance members. In an interactive interrogation room, visitors can participate in such an interrogation themselves. The museum contains a partisans’ bunker/hiding place.